By protecting and improving our environment, the communities where we do business and the students we serve, Sodexo makes every day a better day and every tomorrow a better tomorrow.

Meet the Team

Your Sodexo dining team is made up of people right from your local community who are proud to serve you every day.

From menu and event planning, to community food drives and wellness education, your local dining team wants to make sure you have an exceptional experience whenever you dine with us.

Justin Dreslinski
Justin Dreslinski
General Manager
(660) 785-4197

John Stewart 2017
John Stewart
Operations Manager
(660) 785-4197 or 785-4194

Adam Devens
Adam Devens
Executive Chef
(660) 785-4198

Mohammad Shahmoradi 2017
Mohammed Shahmoradi
Food Service Director, Ryle Hall
(660) 785-4195

Micheal Nelson
Michael Nelson
Production Manager, Ryle Hall
(660) 785-4195

Cindy Roewe 2017
Cindy Roewe
Asst. Manager, Ryle Hall
(660) 785-4195

Calene Berg 2017
Calene Berg
Food Service Director & Retail Manager, Student Union
(660) 785-4689

Eliana  Manandhar

Elina Manandhar

Catering Manager

Kindall Pattermann
Kindall Pattermann
Supervisor of Student Union Food Services
(660) 785-4198

John Dahlman 2017
John Dahlman
Food Service Director, Missouri Hall
(660) 785-4196

Carol Carpenter 2017
Carol Carpenter
Production Manager, Missouri Hall
(660) 785-4196

Katherine Green 2017
Katherine Fortenberry
Food Service Supervisor, Missouri Hall

Ed Dunlap 2017
Ed Dunlap
Food Service Director, Centennial Hall
(660) 785-4199

Tucker Moffitt
Tucker Moffitt
Production Manager, Centennial Hall

Terry Smith 2017
Terry Smith
Food Service Supervisor ,Centennial Hall

Pam Ouyang 2017
Pam Ouyang
Food Services Office Manager
(660) 785-4197

Debbie McCartney 2017
Debbie McCartney
Secretary of Accounts Receivable
(660) 785-4197

Stephanie R Search
Stephanie R. Search
Secretary of Accounts Payable
(660) 785-4197

Cassie Woods 2017
Cassie Woods
Marketing Assistant
(660) 785-4197

Jammie Tipton 2017
Jammie Tipton
Culinary Support Manager
(660) 785-4199

Shelley Schmidt
Bakery Manager
(660) 785-4198

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